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    [JFL] [Female Tears] Abusive mother sentenced to 99 years in prison

    Ngl but death penalty would be a lesser punishment than life time in prison. I would rather die instantly than getting abused in prison, then again I'm a man so it's different.
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    [Experiment] Where are you on this ranking?

    I can be Delta, but I can also be Gamma or Beta. Think I'm able to roleplay my 'ranking' what suits my surroundings the best.
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    Being a chad is like living life in easy mode.

    High IQ Thread
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    not eating mcdonalds ever again

    Try Subway. They are most healthy Fastfood restaurant.
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    [Story] Ethniccel needed to stand up because of pregnant hole!!!

    I hate Bus driving. Almost got in a fight with an ethnic last time.
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    [RageFuel] Foid murders her daughter, doesn't even have to go to jail

    Yeah, no News here. Women can get away with anything.
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    Are There Any Female Musicians You Like?

    Chordettes were only good female Band tbh. And this is pretty lit Song.
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    [SuicideFuel] First time at the gym

    Good advice tbh. You can do a little warmup by beating up a female and then start hitting Gym brutally. :feelsokman:
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    [Experiment] Explain me your signature

    Used to chat on Omegle (I hate that site tbh) and someone called me Incel.
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    [SuicideFuel] First time at the gym

    Damn, I'm a 5 day-Gymcel and can't even bench press half of that weight. Actually jelly.
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    This is what happens when you love a woman.

    I don't get why people still marry. At least we Incels won't even get confronted with such crime. :feelsthink:
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    [JFL] What are some of your favorite quotes from users here?

    "Hit the Gym brutally" "Lifting females with my penis"
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    [SuicideFuel] Manlet slayer

    There's no doubt that he's Cuck. He finance her substistance while she's riding Cock Carousel.
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    [RageFuel] Actual footage of me driving around in my car

    Are you Gymcel?
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    [RageFuel] Ticketmaster won't let me buy tickets

    Was your Ticketmaster female or were females around?