Life is nothing but a game of chance, just like the fucking lottery.
Everything you are and do is because of random events happening.
The way you look, the things you achieve, even what you believe, when broken down to its most basic level, is just random events coming together.
While we do have basic control over the things we do (obviously), things out of our control dictate our choices every day.

To me, life is meaningless. It is nothing but probability. Unfortunately I drew the short straw. So fuck it. Fuck this life and this society built around a game of chance.

As humans, we should have evolved past this, but it is rooted down in our basic instincts. You'd think we could look past these basic instincts, rendering them obsolete after we have become so called sentient and "empathetic" beings, but that is obviously not true. It's a shame really.

I guess since life is merely a game of chance, I should treat it like exactly that: a game.


Life is like a shit after eating taco bell. You never know what you're gonna get..... But it's gonna be bad.