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    [LifeFuel] [Rave] watermaxxing is fucking LEGIT if you have facial bloat

    What about brown rice? I fucking love carbs
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    [Blackpill] It's so over for manlets

    Cucked by genetics
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    [SuicideFuel] Its over for manlets

    Just end me now
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    [RageFuel] ER fuel here lads.

    Stupid whore
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    [LDAR] Soyers blame incels for a mediocre game being poorly recieved

    MUH HOLOCAUST I'm so fucking sick of hearing about natzees and Hitler every day. Our entire culture and ooltics is saturated in Hitler and natzee hysteria. Hitler is our secular Satan holocaust and nazi Germany is our hell and ww2 is modernity foundation myth. I wish I had a giant mind wipe men...
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    is white worship finally dieing?

    Like i said - the whole thread is full of suifuel for ethnics
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    is white worship finally dieing?

    I know this is a bait thread, post what she said next op.... suifuel for ethnics
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    [RageFuel] this video will tell u everything u need to know about why girls go to college

    Why does this thot get a fucking news article about her tit size issues? Gynocentrism
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    Baldingcels report in

    full on nw3. Its oooovvverrrrrr
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    [SuicideFuel] Actor that plays chewbacca in the new Solo-Movie is a giga-chad

    HOLY FUCKING KEK Is this, perhaps, the most brutal of all moggings?
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    [SuicideFuel] Actor that plays chewbacca in the new Solo-Movie is a giga-chad

    It's like he was genetically engineered from birth. Fucking Spartan.
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    [SuicideFuel] Actor that plays chewbacca in the new Solo-Movie is a giga-chad

    JUST look at this guy's twitter; women in the comments are literally throwing themselves at him: not because he is an "actor" (he says nothing and his face is not visible at all) but purely because of his aryan genetics.
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    [SuicideFuel] It's over for baldcels

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    [RageFuel] >women

    Lol just fuck this clown world honestly. Stupid sluts should never have been given rights
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    [Venting] just to be clear 90 kg at 5'9 is overweight right?

    Would 65 be ideal for 5 8 male?