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    [LifeFuel] 200 posts

    how is this lifefuel tho ヾ( ・`⌓´・)ノ゙
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    [LifeFuel] Source of escortceling

    you wont last 5 seconds in this game
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    [JFL] In 2020 this will be looksmatched couple

    died with this :feelskek: if she mogs you u are a lying little shit LARPer unless you fucking suffer from severe down syndrome kek she is obv @landwhale noodlewhore
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    [Serious] Light face great halo effect

    jfl @ they spend more money in shit with side effects including cancer than food
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    I approached a bitch yesterday - and fucking creep her the fuck out - into the bones - into the brain

    tbh. just come and try to explain why we shouldnt assholemaxx treating foids like shit in 2k19 as they treat you like a child rapist even if you are a high inhib innocent soy who never punched someone pro tip: you cant i always thought the villains were dope and so much better than the cuck heros
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    Can we PLEASE stop mentioning 6'5'' as height examples here?

    they fraud angles on IG making themselves look even taller (not just men, foids too) expect 7' to be the norm in 2025
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    What do Stacies usually major in?

    yeah Psychology and nursing all day, theyre like a plague
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    reddit foid tricks an innocent uglycel and he reprisals

    nice story but its obviously a LARP just like 100% of reddit.
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    Before you came across the black pill or at least this forum, what would make you legit excited and happy?

    mostly anime merchandise tbh it took 3 weeks for something to arrive so the wait was lifefuel somehow
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    [JFL] This is what is supposed to represent high school foids these days?

    i member those lmao the writers never thought trump was gonna win unironically
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    [LifeFuel] should I buy an Nintendo Switch or a gtx 1070

    Get a nintendo switch for casual gaming if you have little time Gtx 1070 for NEETs
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    [Experiment] Fill this thread with your language

    Kast 2022 di no al intervencionismo del estado en el mercado
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    [Hypocrisy] Dose of truth.

    living shit like this on a daily basis makes me wonder if ill get treated differently if i really murder someone