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    [Venting] To the FBI / Canadian Police / Infiltrators reading this forum

    Imagine an FBI agent being told to survey this forum for possible terrorist attacks and browses so often that he gets blackpilled. You hear that, Officer Smith? How does it feel knowing you're stuck at the agency until 7 all day while your wife cucks you at home?
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    [News] The Canadian government officially cites Incels as "right-wing extremists."

    Apparently being unable to find a mate has political implications now. "A recent example is the April 2018 van attack in Toronto, Ontario, which resulted in the deaths of 10 people and alerted Canada to the dangers of the online Incel movement. It may be difficult to assess, in the short term...
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    [SuicideFuel] 4/10 noodlewhore I know is living the absolute best life possible while I rot

    I happen to know a rich guy who's married to an Asian girl with rich parents. Some people are just given everything on a silver platter.
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    What incel subtype do you consider yourself to be?

    Facecel, ethnicel, heightcel, socialcel, and framecel. The highest card in my hand is a 6 of spades.
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    [News] Teenage male feminist kills self after female friend falsely accuses him of sexual assault at Women's March.

    I've given it a second thought. Good riddance to him. It was his fault for engaging with the blue pill so hard that he died from it. Let this be a lesson.
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    [News] Teenage male feminist kills self after female friend falsely accuses him of sexual assault at Women's March. Women's March happens. Teenage boy attends with close female friend he's in love with. They call out the names of accused sexual assaulters to shame them...
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    [Blackpill] Why nobody dates asian men (neoteny theory) *warning this is brutal blackpill only read if you are in normal state

    The Ricecel phenomenon is built into human biology. No change to society, the media, or otherwise will change the fact that Ricecels are the ultimate truecels.
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    [Experiment] Are you extrovert or introvert?

    Loving the responses so far. Exactly how it should be.
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    [News] Chang gets told by 2/10 Asian foid "This is why I don't like Asian guys"

    Her looksmatch is dangling under a bridge.
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    Incels have hit the cops' radar screen

    Please don't put me on a list, FBI. :feelsbaton::feelsbaton::feelsbaton:
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    Foods that help kill sex drive

    Nice, I love all five of those options. Asexual revolution when?
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    [News] "The degenerate behavior of women is what’s causing China’s degeneracy." - Yu Minhong (head of China's largest English training school)

    "“Let’s say, if all women in China want rich guys regardless of his moral standards, then all men in China will become men that earn a lot of money but without a good conscience. This is exactly how Chinese women choose their men nowadays. Therefore, the rise and fall of a nation usually depends...
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    Ordered a new keyboard on amazon.

    Very nice. I picked up my Vortex Pok3r a few weeks back. New keyboards make a world of difference.
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    [Serious] it's time to be asexual

    There are medical procedures / medications that can kill your libido. None of them are 100% effective though.
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    Are you the only incel in your family?

    My little nephew is sadly going down this road. I should break it to him soon before the epiphany hits him like a truck.