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    IncelTears playing mental gymnastics everytime

    They have one thread to "support" incels, giving shitty advice and such, but what they do is to bully us and insult for being legitimately angry at this world. While we bring justifiable arguments, they only bring screenshots and start to create a circlejerk. For every IT user lurking, let me...
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    JFL at cucks who give flowers in 2019. Bonus points if you guess the university's campus.
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    [JFL] How I become Chad, the destroyer of pussy

    TRP subreddit is a mountain of fan fiction about how they are the biggest MMA fighters and slayers. :feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha::feelshaha:
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    [Serious] Is there any way to stop being attracted to foids?

    Take benzodiazepines
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    [It's Over] Who is your valentine?

    The bottle of Ballantine is my Valentine
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    [Story] "Teehee at least I received valentine flowers, unlike you"

    Hit her with a chair like in WWE
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    My theory about foids is that they're much more dumb than the actual NPC

    Same music, same sense of fashion (makeup, septums, cunt clothes), same political ideologies they support (actually they like them, but not supporting because they're not prepared to bring up arguments to defend their ideologies). The average NPC has like 50 lines of dialogue, which...
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    If women state that they're depressed, imagine being a man in his 20's

    If they were reversing roles, they will hit for the rope asap. These creatures, being showered in attention and messages, will hit the mental breakdown as soon as they will experience being a man.
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    [News] is the biggest male space on the internet and why many females frown upon this place

    Why are you citing a cucked website like Quora? On that website, you can get banned for having different viewpoints.
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    [JFL] If you think height alone will attract foids

    I have bad news for your thinking process. A 6'4 incel will never attract a foid, yet there are people who claim that HEIGHT MATTER BRUH. Yeah, height matter, but looks matter more than 90%. And Chad who is 5'8 can attract foids if he is genetically blessed.
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    [Serious] What age is female prime?

    7 years old
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    Normies aka Chads/Tyrones & Stacies are not depressed!

    How is it impossible for a Chad or a Stacy to be depressed when they go to parties, college parties, socialize and are adulated by their social circles? Sex cures depression and sadness. They don't even know what is that term of depression.
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    Eastern Europeans are uglier than curries

    Yes And I lost fucking 10 kilos this period. Guess what, my face is thin but I still look like fuck.
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    Eastern Europeans are uglier than curries

    Just look at a basic slav, he has the ugliest features that a curry doesn't have. Even the skin is shit compared to a ricecel or a curry. And I am talking from experience. 4 years in America and I wasn't able to get ONE date! Just one. And I don't expect sex or whatever because I am banned for...
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    [Experiment] Worst ethnicity (west civ)

    Being slav is a curse. Especially when you have the accent. And I hate it because foids hate me after I tell them the country of origin. Fuck America.