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    I did NOT meet at the 55 and over dance

    Were there any OldChads ?
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    [JFL] Slayer making out with fat landwhale - looksmatch in 2018

    Volcel if you don't smash her, tbh tbh tbh tbh.
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    [Blackpill] Long neckcel meets thicc neck tyrone.

    That guy is statusmaxxed. He achieved god level among rednecks, and smashes a lot of southern/cousin pussy. Look up his videos, he's pretty popular with the ladies. Lifefuel.
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    Gamer tears? More like incel tears

    Chad plays Call of Duty. Incel plays Persona 5.
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    [Blackpill] Even if you're a billionaire internet giant

    It never started for BillionaireCels.
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    Tonight I am Going To A Dance for People 55+.

    Good luck with that prime GRB, brah. GRB = Grip Reaper Bait
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    [Venting] Escortcels are fucking cuck

    Escortcels get value for money. They would actually get to fuck, titfuck, get a footjob from, do whatever they're into ... from a roastie / sometimes Stacy. The TRUE cucks are the ones that pay camwhores, and give gifts to instagram models and foids they absolutely get no physical activity...
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    [JFL] Baldcel LARP'ing as a PUA

    This redpill / PUA community is a comedy gold mine that keeps on giving. Timestamped it to the relevant part. Dude is being rejected left and right by these thots, and he still deludes himself that he's a "pick up artist". JFL at this poor bastard
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    [Experiment] which races of foids are least degenerate?

    Not literal harems, but more like foids orbiting around the same Chaddam.
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    [Media] Incel Music - Knajjd's Face (Tribute to mod)

    My critic wasn't addressed to you personally, just a general observation. In fact, I commend your talent. Have you tried running musician game on foids ?
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    [Experiment] which races of foids are least degenerate?

    I avoid posting specifics relating to my IRL. However, let me tell you about women in Arab countries: Since there's no sexual liberation like the west, foids are EXTREMELY picky about their partners. They will pick only 8+/10 Chaddams, extremely rich betabux, or a combination of the two. Since...
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    [Experiment] which races of foids are least degenerate?

    JFL. I live in an Arab country, and I can tell you that Arab women are some of the most ruthless whores you'll ever encounter.