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    [Venting] This is what I would do if I ever tricked a FEMOID into dating me (TRIGGER WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE)

    :blackpill::feelsohh: For chad ONLY :feelsbaton: A Cucktear member is on his way to arrest you. :feelstrash: :feelswhat: Sick fuck:dafuckfeels:
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    [Experiment] How many of us here are (or have potential to be) 5-6/10?

    5'4 curry ogre subhuman. How over is it? Any ldarmaxxing tips?
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    [It's Over] My class oneitis didn't know my name after 3 years in class together!!!!!

    I thought she liked me because she is nice to me but she is nice to everybody. So today the teacher asked her to ask other people for a pen. So she knows I have a lot of pens but when she wanted to ask, she whispered to hr neighbor girl 'what's his name again?' !!!!!!!!!! I want to kill...
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    [Experiment] Do you get eye contact from foids in the street?

    Look into ogremaxxing/bloatmaxxing. At least you look intimitating. Women love to be dominated, bloatmaxx NOW.
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    [RageFuel] I am officially done with everybody in school!!

    So we were discussing a topic and I said fertilization, a medical term. Every single girl cringed when I say medical terms. But when chad talks about ramming another pussy last weekend, everybody thinks he's cool. As an ugly male, you may NEVER say medical terms regarding women. Vagina? Ugh...
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    [LifeFuel] I have redeemed myself

    Lowinhib lifefuel
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    [JFL] Would you rather attract every landwhale or one 5/10 foid in your life?

    I shouldn't have to date a landwhale as an average guys. I deserve my looksmatch. I cannot possible love a landwhale.
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    [Experiment] I’m thinking of doing some Chadfishing, how do I talk to foids?

    Just wow. A handsome man can literally make women their slaves. Jfl. No wonder our looksmatches hate us when there exist god men that fuck them once and then they want chad only :feelsbadman::feelsbadman:
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    [Serious] I finally have the courage to tell you good people who I am.

    I see them on tv I want fuck beautiful big boob blonde big ass yes :feelsohh::feelsohh::feelsohh: :worryfeels::feelsohgod::feelsohgod::feelsohgod::feelsohgod::feelsohgod: This forum is honest but it destroys my bluepilled indian brain :bluepill::blackpill::blackpill::feelsohh::feelsohh::feelsohh:
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    [SuicideFuel] Trucel at my school got arrested

    You should avenge him :feelsthink::feelshaha::feelzez:
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    What was the youngest age you approached a girl?

    How often did you repeat 8th grade. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: Btw, hello cucktears :feelsbaton: Truecel