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    [Story] Coworker thinks I'm gay

    Update: We're sex buddies now. Does this mean I graduated from this site?
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    [Story] Coworker thinks I'm gay

    I could relate to a portion of you.
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    [Story] Coworker thinks I'm gay

    Now we wait.
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    [Story] Coworker thinks I'm gay

    I'm not a big fan of women in general, I only like their physique and even then, I have very high standards. That type of attitude probably manifested itself and she probably concluded I was gay.
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    [Story] Coworker thinks I'm gay

    I have a female coworker who, when she doesn't pretty herself up she's a 6, but when she does she's an easy 8, sometimes 9. She likes video games and basically everything I'm into. She also doesn't talk a lot which is always a plus for me. We're okay friends, and its not like I've ever attempted...
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    [Story] People won't respect you unless...

    Now do that to girls.
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    [Blackpill] If Your Wife has has Sex with Another Man Before You

    In this situation, you end up marrying the girl, but you guys are mad about her history? I'm starting to think its not the Chads taking girls thats the problem.
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    [Serious] Anybody else not attracted to asian females

    I 100% agree. Asian females are disgusting, unless they're mixed.
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    [Hypocrisy] 4'11 female will not accept a below 6'3 man.

    I don't understand that mentality. My coworker is 5'2 and she doesn't like dating guys over 5'8, because they're too tall for her. Doesn't make sense.
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    [Serious] feed me copes

    You, or anybody else here, can't expect somebody to love you when you don't even love yourself. Its cheesy, but its the truth. If you manage to put in the effort to try to better the aspects of your life that you hate, it might change you. Good luck with everything.
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    [Serious] feed me copes

    Take care of yourself. Go to the gym, or do home workouts. Clean your house, get a dog and walk it everyday.
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    [Serious] Have you ever had sex?

    I have had sex with only one girl. Loved it, but the girl got annoying. Now I'm volcel.
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    incel reddit user takes life. suicide is coming for all white men

    Both of them are good looking. The reasons was probably something else.
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    [SuicideFuel] Just saw an ugly asian hypebeast with a cute asian girl

    You guys get mad when girls don't give you a chance, but when one of you gets a cute girlfriend you get angry lol
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    In this world there is nothing more than wealth, status and looks

    If you have all three- you're a god. If you have two- you're living good. If you have one- you're lucky. If you have none- you're an incel.