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    [JFL] I'm going to download TikTok and upload videos showing my asshole,vomiting,shiting in the toilet(showing the dump) and more until I get banned there

    Okay I just realized that my balls are too hairy so now I'm going to upload a video of me removing small traces of pubic hair with scissors,I hope TikTok foids enjoy it :)
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    Best short and to the point tinder black pill videos?

    @NeetSupremacist 's videos before JewTube removed them
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    [Serious] Twitter blocked me -Argued with feminists

    Twatter is openly pro far-left,what did you expect.
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    [RageFuel] Why are there so many faggot weebs on this forum?

    This,I've attended them and it's full of attention whoring foids,cucks and normalfaggots.True neckbeards are a very rare sight in those.
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    [Experiment] Incel Bingo

    More like bluepilled bingo "Just wear clothes bro" "Just gymcel bro" "Just take a shower bro" "Just talk to women bro" Fuck off normalfaggot
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    Ban Discussion Megathread

    Street approaching must be hard as fuck,I bet that even Chads could have some trouble
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    Nintendo Switch

    Glorified Tablet
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    [RageFuel] here's a dose of ragefuel [teehee edition]

    22k likes :feelsseriously:
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    Ban Discussion Megathread

    I trusted you @uninstall ,you were one of my favourite users,fucking hell...
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    [Blackpill] About the "starving people in Africa" argument

    They should stop having millions of children that they can't feed already,keep it in your pants or whatever passes for clothes there you dumb baboons.
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    [RageFuel] Its not fucking fair

    The ones that tell you that relationships aren't that important are usually the same ones that won't stop mentioning their gfs/bfs. Normalfaggots are cancer and pure hypocrites.